New York District 24 residents deserve better representation and leadership. The people deserve a  U.S. Representative who is responsive to the voters on all issues, transparent in actions, and understands that a Congress member is accountable to the people for their actions. As your representative, I will work for our New York and our country - not for the D.C. cronies who put money and special interest ahead of working Americans and ignore what is best for us at home.

Inflation/Government Spending

Our Federal government’s spending on ballooning government programs is a monstrosity--our national debt is soaring to $30 trillion. Both political parties are to blame due to unprincipled legislators capitulating to special interests and politically expedient votes. The result is a loss in the value of each dollar we earn and save, while gas and grocery prices rise. Balancing our federal budget and creating a transparent spending process is only the first step – to return to financial stability, we must reduce wasteful spending and lessen the burden on taxpayers.   


Economy & Taxes

Today’s economy is eerily similar to the 1970’s -- inflation, empty shelves, and businesses and individuals overleveraged and buried in debt. American workers and businesses are being gutted by oppressive state and federal regulations, mandatory lock downs, and tax increases, all while massive corporations are benefiting from fewer competitors in the market space. I will fight any tax increases and burdensome regulations that hurt producers, damage the supply chain, and limit consumer choice.


Healthcare & Privacy

As a healthcare professional who has served thousands of New Yorkers, I know that medical care decisions are best made between the patient and their healthcare provider, not third parties like insurance corporations or government bureaucrats. The federal government has no right to insert itself between the patient and their healthcare provider in making decisions on medical treatments that best suit their needs, beliefs, and priorities.


Secure The Border

America’s immigration policies should work to improve the lives of the majority of Americans, benefit those who through hard work embrace the American Dream, and disincentivize illegal entry. We have seen open-border policy and rhetoric undermine the rule of law and enforcement along our Southern border. We can and should stop illegal immigration, and welcome immigrants who paid their fees and waited abroad to come in the right way – legally.

Backing The Blue

Local and state law enforcement decisions and practices are best made by their local jurisdictions, not far-left anti-police politicians in Washington D.C. I unapologetically stand with the men and women in blue who courageously defend our rights, lives, and property. 


Gun Rights

The God given right to self defense is enumerated in our Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms. Gun rights are the first defense of our lives, family, liberty, and property. Like the rest of our Bill of Rights, I will passionately fight to defend this essential birthright.


Human Life

For many years I performed ultrasound examinations for mothers as part of my radiological care specialty. I had the incredible opportunity to see the earliest phases of development of human life, and shared those moments of joy with mothers countless times. Human life, in utero, is when we are most vulnerable, and ought to be protected. One of the government's fundamental duties is to protect human life, and especially innocent human life. Without the right to life, we cannot be guaranteed liberty or prosperity. For these reasons, I am pro-life, and will fight for policies that support life and liberty, not destruction and devastation.