Tim was raised with a deeply held respect for freedom, personal responsibility and the American dream. His father is an immigrant who came to America for freedom and his mother traces her direct ancestry to fighters for liberty in our American Revolution. Tim comes by his Republican values honestly.


Tim is a first generation Korean American, as his father, at the age of 15, risked his life to work for the US Army during the Korean War before escaping communism and coming to America in search of freedom. Instilled in Tim from a very young age was his father’s love for America - a place where every citizen is free to do business, worship, associate and advocate for their political principles freely and unencumbered by government.


Tim’s mother comes from a long line of Americans who fought for liberty. Her family originally settled in Boston and not only fought for independence during the American Revolution, but generations later joined the Union Army to fight for the abolition of slavery - two of them never returning home. One perishing in the battle of Cold Harbor and the other giving his life at the battle of the Wilderness.


After coming to the United States, Tim’s father became a doctor and joined the military, serving his entire life. Tim traveled from military base to military base with his family. Eventually settling in New York where he attended Syracuse University.


Inspired by his father’s service, Tim joined the medical field, becoming a Neurosurgical Physician Assistant. He now has the opportunity to serve on the medical front lines, working with New York families and individuals to safely recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tim and his loving wife are raising two children at their home in Fayetteville, New York.


After much prayer and encouragement from members of his community, Tim has decided to step up and serve his country in a new way - running for Congress. For too long he has watched politicians like John Katko make promises to their communities to uphold their constitutional values, fight for their freedoms and their tax dollars, and protect their jobs and businesses, only to break those promises the minute they enter the halls of Congress.


In honor of his family’s generations-long fight for America, Tim is challenging John Katko to serve in the United States Congress. Katko has supported a laundry list of Democrat priorities, including the recent trillion dollar infrastructure bill and the PRO-Act which would kill thousands of independent contractor jobs in the state of New York.


Central New York deserves a Congressman who has their back and protects their jobs, their livelihoods and their freedom. Tim Ko is ready to serve.